Cage Diving

Reenact your own version of “Jaws” and get up close and personal with one of the ocean’s deadliest creatures: the shark! Many Rhode Island charters offer shark cage diving excursions to swim among the shark infested waters. When sharks are present, divers will typically get 30 minute shifts in the cage before they are rotated out for new divers.

Whale Watching

Charter a nature cruise and see some of New England’s largest sea mammals. New England waters have two types of whales, baleen and toothed whales. Learn about these majestic species and have your camera ready! Great photos await!

Lighthouse Tours

Rhode Island has 20 lighthouses dating back from the 1700’s. Mix marine history with coastal beauty and find out which lighthouses still help to guide those at sea by chartering a lighthouse tour.

Scuba Diving

Go under the sea and explore the depths of Rhode Island’s waters with a diving charter excursion. See creatures below the surface and find a whole new world.

Burial At Sea

Help your loved one rest peacefully under Rhode Island’s tranquil seas by chartering a boat for a Burial at Sea. Celebrate the life lost with a beautiful sendoff at daybreak or sunset. Rhode Island charters who crew these burial at sea services ensure that all requests are met and with respect and reverence for those who have passed.

Photo Ops

Whether you’re looking to brag to your friends about the bass you just caught or want to work on your photography portfolio with some of Rhode Island’s coastline and landmarks, there are also a great deal of Rhode Island charters that will offer you timeless photo opportunities.

Corporate Cruises

Build moral and treat your employees to a private chartered cruise. Take part in team building activities and bond with your coworkers as you enjoy the salty air and sun. Take to the seas for your next corporate retreat now.

Party Boat

For a great experience on Rhode Island waters with more than 6 passengers, consider chartering your own party boat. Hit the ocean and spend a day fishing, enjoying some beverages and take in all that our Bay has to offer!

Sunset Cruises

Watch the sun go down as you sip on champagne or wine aboard one of Rhode Island’s special charters. Enjoy a perfect romantic evening on the sea by booking a sunset cruise.